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Part 2 Information

Couples are expected to attend both the Part One and Part Two Requirements in order to fulfill the One In Christ marriage preparation requirement.

The Part Two Requirement consists of in-depth Natural Family Planning (NFP) classes that you will need to schedule to begin AFTER the completion of the Part One Seminar. These classes will be located at a different location and will depend on the date that you choose. Part Two classes are a separate cost and will be billed at the time of sign up.

Please Note: If choosing the CCL provider, the Live On-Site is the only class to fulfill OIC requirements..

Allow at least 3 months to complete.


NFP Methods

Learn about the different NFP methods.


Part Two Classes

There are several options for Part Two classes in the Indianapolis and Bloomington areas.

Are you planning on using a different NFP provider not on our list? Please contact us beforehand.

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NFP Certificate

Did you misplace your NFP Certificate of Attendance for the NFP instructor to sign?

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