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Adoption & Infertility


Pregnancy and Adoption Services - St. Elizabeth / Coleman


Retreats for post abortion emotional / spiritual pain (men/women)


Creighton / NaPro Technology – Magnificat Family Medicine
Creigton / NaPro Technology – Fertility & Midwifery
Creighton/NaPro Trained – Dr. Holly Smith, MD
Dr. Maret Cline, OB/GYN

Miscarriage Support/Pregnancy Loss

Catholic Miscarriage Support


Catholic Doctors

Magnificat Family Medicine, Dr. Casey L. Reising
NFP Doctor Directory
Catholic Medical Association
Dr. Chris Stroud, MD OB/GYN
Dr. Holly Smith, MD – Family Medicine & NaPro Technology
Dr. Maret Cline, OB/GYN
Dr. Bill Blanke, MD, Creighton (Evansville)

Sterilization Reversals
For Men
For Women



Central Psychological Services, LLC
Courage: A Roman Catholic Apostolate
Family Counseling Associates (contact Tim Heck)
Integritas Psychological Services, Inc.
Pastoral Solutions Institute (contact Dr. Gregory K. Popcak – Teleconferencing Services)
Dr. John Cadwallader, PSYD, LMHC, HSPP
Pauline Kattady, MS, MA, LMHC


Dating and Engaged

Dating and Engaged



Scott Hahn St. Paul Center for Biblical Theology
Fr. Tad Pacholczyk - National Catholic Bioethics Center
Catholic Answers
RCIA - Rite of Christian Initiation - St. Luke Catholic Church
Theology of the Body Institute
Dr. Janet Smith, Ethicist
United States Catholic Conference of Bishops
RCIA - Rite of Christian Initiation - Holy Rosary


Topics For the Family


Strengthening families by helping spouses live their vocations
Pro-Family Apostolate dedicated to consecrating families in the Truth


Pure Fashion teaches modesty and virtues to teenage girls

Home Schooling

Holy Family Home Educators

Catholic Schools

St. Luke Catholic School
Lumen Christi Catholic School



Dave Ramsey's Financial Peace University
PNC Bank
Ave Maria Mutual Funds



Married Life
Family Life and Parenting



Christian Movie Reviews (focus on the family)
Catholic Television
Catholic Radio Indianapolis - 89.1 / 90.9 FM
Faith and Family Magazine
Catholics United for the Faith and Laywitness Magazine
Catholic Answers Magazine


Natural Family Planning / Fertility Awareness Methods

NFP Methods

Sympto-Thermal (Couple to Couple League International CCL)
Mucus Only (Creighton FertilityCare Model)
Sympto-Hormonal (Marquette Model)

NFP Charting Apps

Fertility Education & Medical Management

NFP Blog

NFP / Community Forum

Fertility Care Doctors

Dr. Holly Smith, Creighton, NaPro
Dr. Maria Bajuyo MD, Creighton, NaPro
Dr. Casey Reising, Creighton, NaPro
Dr. Maret Cline OB/GYN, Creighton, NaPro
Dr. Chris Stroud, OB/GYN, Creighton, NaPro (Fort Wayne)
Dr. Anthony Caruso, OB/GYN, Reproductive Endocrinologist (Chicago West Suburbs)
Dr. Angela Beale Martin, OB/GYN, NaPro (Fort Wayne)
Dr. Blaise C. Milburn, OB/GYN, NaPro (Fort Wayne)
Dr. Patrick Holly, Family Physician, NaPro (Fort Wayne)
Dr. Kathleen Heimann, Family Physician, NaPro (Decatur)
Dr. Elizabeth Brauchla, Family Physician, NaPro (Warsaw)
Dr. David Parker, OB/GYN, NaPro (Mishawaka)
Dr. Neil Sink, OB/GYN, NaPro (Mishawaka)
Dr. Bill Blanke, MD, Creighton (Evansville)

NFP Instructors

NFP Providers in Indianapolis, Bloomington, and Surrounding Areas


NFP Effectiveness & Research

Current Medical Research
NFP Effectiveness Studies
Use of Natural Family Planning (NFP) and Its Effect on Couple Relationships and Sexual Satisfaction: A Multi-Country Survey of NFP Users from US and Europe
Petition from Contraceptive Study Group


Pornography & Sexual Addiction

USCCB...Create in Me a Clean Heart
Exodus 90
Reclaim Sexual Health
Covenant Eyes
Hope Undimmed

Popular Reading

Catholic Book List







Plan Your Catholic Wedding
Preparing for the Rite of Marriage



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