The Path to Heaven through the Sacrament of Marriage

Part 1 Information

The Part One Requirement is three sessions. Couples are expected to attend all three days of the seminar in order to fulfill the Part One marriage preparation requirement.

Seminar Day 1

The first session on Saturday will address Creation, Sin, Redemption, Vocation, Discipleship, Covenant, Covenantal Communication, Moral Virtues and Money. *Please keep this Saturday evening open as there will be homework requirements for that evening.

Seminar Day 2

The second session on Sunday will address the Unitive and Procreative Ends of Marriage and Family Life, along with the Sacraments of Marriage, Eucharist and Reconciliation.

Seminar Day 3

The third session, which will take place on the following Saturday, will present the couples with an overview to Natural Family Planning options.  It will also address the Church's teaching on contraception, reproductive technologies and infertility.

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